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Riding Lessons

Teaching and coaching at PHS is a combination of balanced seat riding, classical dressage and cross training fitness.  PHS trainers use non-forceful training tactics, as well as positive reinforcement, to achieve a close communcation between the horse, rider and instructor.

PHS specializes in working with new riders.  For pre-adolescent and adolescent riders, lessons provide an excellent after school alternative to traditional extracurricular activities.  Many of our young riders begin their equine experience at our summer day camps.  For adults, riding lessons can fulfill your childhood dream of being comfortable on horseback, as well as discover a new way to get fit.  Our goals are to familiarize beginners with the horse and equipment, teach them to prepare horses for riding, and instruct them in balanced riding and safety.  We believe that by the time our beginning riders move on to the intermediate level, they have gained confidence and have come to respect the horse as a partner.

Intermediate Riding
Beginning Riding

Our intermediate riders begin to focus on specific skills, such as dressage, eventing, jumping, western pleasure or more advanced recreational skills.  The goal for these riders is the fulfillment of achievement related to competition and independent recreation.  Whether it is winning ribbons or enjoying independent trail rides, this is where riders become self-sufficient and learn to work in harmony with horses. 

PHS instructors have a great appreciation for competition.  Advanced riders are well served by their passion and experience.  These riders benefit from personal attention and preparation for competition, as well as transportation to and coaching at competition sites.  Specifically, advanced riders concentrate on their individual development needs.  We troubleshoot problems and work through necessary corrections and improvements through non-forceful communication and positive reinforcement. 

Advanced Riding